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Sunday December 6th 2020

Al Azhar 55 is the first Islamic school in Yogyakarta with international concept. As an international school, English is the language of instruction in all school activities. By doing so, it is hoped students are prepared to be part of global community who are ready to live in any part of the world and highly uphold the values of Islam and nationalism.

Al Azhar 55 is a growth-mindset school. It is essential to be known that to face a global era, young generation must have enough preparation to complete with future milestone. That is why, Al Azhar 55 shapes and produces students to have good global perspective, world-wide insight and growth-mindset thinking.

As a growth-mindset school, Al Azhar 55 has a different way to help students reaching their ability, intelligence, performance and life skills such as:

1.     Always using Hands-on Learning in all learning process

2.    Hold SLC (Student Led Conference) twice a year for student assessment to increase students public speaking level

3.     Have Reading Log Program for students critical thinking skills

4.     Have Global Perspective subject for students world-wide insight

Al Azhar 55 Yogyakarta is a Cambridge Centre school in Yogyakarta. It was established by Yayasan Asram Yogyakarta collaborating with Yayasan Pesantren Islam (YPI) Al Azhar Jakarta in November 2016. Supported by native teachers, Al Azhar 55 Yogyakarta always introduces students to the new learning concepts through hands-on learning activities through direct practice. It is aimed to make students more know what they have learned about.

Preparing the students for 21st century skills is not just about the technology or skill for global citizenship. 21st century skills is about creativity, problem solving, local, cultural and global awareness, communication, productivity, collaboration, accountability, exploration, innovation, civic engagement, leadership and many more. Based on these skills needed, Al Azhar 55 strives to make the classroom as dynamic as the world around us. By giving the right approach, we can change bored, lonely, angry, afraid, stress and tired (BLAST) become behave, emphatic, smart and tough (BEST).


Prof. Dra. Hj. Suwarsih Madya, M.A., Ph.D.


Amidst the globalized situation which poses challenges of which one is a possible threat to identity, yet provides ample opportunities to excel for those who possess the prerequisites, we need to equip our children as the continuing generation with necessary competencies—affective, cognitive, psychomotor and interactive. In other words, we need to help them grow and develop into total persons and this can be achieved through the whole-child development approach which ensures the development of all potentials.  In addition to this is the need for developing some competence which enables the children to communicate    globally. All of this will ensure that the children will develop their citizenships both at the national and global levels. How can this ideal development be realized?

If you want to find out about how efforts are made to develop children’s whole potentials, you can come to SD Islam Al Azhar 55 Yogyakarta. Here you can see how the four-year old school has grown fast due to the stakeholders’ trust to send their children to study here. With only 54 children in the first year, this school now has 185 students. These students are educated to respect and preserve the social-cultural environment by learning the local language (Javanese, including the script) and arts (dance). Simultaneously, they certainly learn the national language (Bahasa Indonesia) and national content, which is unquestionable since it is compulsory, and English, which has now become a global lingua franca; thus, a prerequisite for successful global communication.  More importantly, children in this school also learn to practise their religion consistently. So, in this school children’s identity is rooted in the local culture, with nationalism and global awareness being inherently developed together with reliogiosity.

Does the whole-child development approach at SD Islam Al Azhar still give room for children to excel? In my belief, when all their potentials are developed, children will have a greater chance to excel and I can see the truth in my belief in this primary school. In the last two years, the students have made great achievements in various competitions held at the local and national levels–gold medals in English, math and science competitions (national), silver and bronze medals in IT competitions (national), silver and bronze medals at colouring and swimming competitions (local) to mention some.

In conclusion, SD Islam Al Azhar has given evidence of the right efforts of true education to develop both intelligence and character.

Prof. DR. Budi S. Daryono, M.Agr. Sc.

Testimoni Sebagai Orang tua menyekolahkan anak Di Al-Azhar 55

Sudah menjadi kewajiban bagi orang tua untuk memberikan pendidikan yang terbaik bagi putra putrinya. Tantangan untuk mendidik anak di Era Global dan Digital pun semakin besar, kita tidak bisa lagi membendung segala perubahan yang begitu cepat terjadi, dan harus mempersiapkan anak-anak supaya bisa survive dan sholeh/sholehah tentunya. Saat ini dunia bagaikan kampung, dimana tidak ada batas-batas untuk melakukan transaksi kehidupan, untuk itu anak harus bisa berkomunikasi dengan bahasa universal sebagai modal utama. Disamping itu, pendidikah Ahlak dan Aqidah harus diberikan secara dini sebagai dasar anak dalam menghadapi gejolak gelombang kehidupan. Atas pertimbangan tersebutlah, kami selaku orang tua memilih untuk menyekolahkan putra kami tercinta Hikari di Sekolah Islam, yang menggunakan dua bahasa pengantar, yaitu Al-Azhar 55.

Prof. DR. Budi S.Daryono, M.Agr. Sc.

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