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55’s Day Out : A Mothers’ Day Celebration à la Al Azhar 55

A Mothers’ Day Celebration à la Al Azhar 55 Al Azhar 55 Islamic Primary School of Yogyakarta held Mothers’ Day Celebration […]


I-STEAM EXPO 2022 | Curiosity and Exploration Make Great Scientists

Curiosity and Exploration Make Great Scientists Two years after the pandemic, Al Azhar 55 Islamic Primary School Yogyakarta again successfully organized […]


Celebrating Independence Day

By Being True Indonesians and Global Citizens Friday (19/08/2022). Al Azhar 55 held an Indonesia Independence Day celebration at the Al […]


Muharram Charity 2022; A Moment to Cultivate Emphaty in Students

On August 9, 2022, Al Azhar Islamic Primary School 55, Yogyakarta, held an annual event, Muharram Charity. If in the previous […]


Getting 97, Al Azhar 55 is Officially A-Accredited!

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, AI Azhar 55 Islamic Primary School Yogyakarta continues to improve and make changes. One of the […]


My Parents, My Teacher

Parents’ experiences for School from Home with their children Pandemic has changed everything, as well as school. During this COVID-19 outbreak, […]


Cultivating Students’ Potentials with I-STEAM Expo and Assembly

School is a place where students cultivate their potentials and interests. At school students can learn and get themselves equipped with […]


Mother: My Friend, My Teacher, My Soulmate

Mothers’ love is eternal, no matter what. Thus, celebrating Mothers’ Day, even in the middle of pandemic, is worth doing. Although […]


Creating a Video for Chapter Review

Teaching Gen Z is not the same anymore as teaching millennials. Teachers have to adapt to what is now happening. Digital […]


Get Epic, a Resourceful website for Online Literacy Program

Academic Year 2020-2021 is full of challenges for all the people around the globe, including those who work in the field […]


Drive Thru a Breakthrough!

Getting new school stuff such as crayons, notebooks, drawing books, and stationary is an annual back-to-school routine. With the COVID-19 pandemic […]


How to Survive the Pandemic – Tips for Student

1. Think Positive There are always perspectives in everything, both negative and positive. We may choose, which perspective we want to […]

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